Congratulations to our Horror Story Valentine's Day Winners!


I met a guy online and he seemed pretty cool so we set a date to meet at a coffee shop. When I arrived, he was there sitting between what it looked to be his parents.Uh…well, okay then. Turns out, they were. Mind you, we were both in our 30s. They started asking me some extremely personal questions about my past and my date just sat there, playing on his phone not saying word. My date abruptly got up and said he had to use the bathroom. As I sat there in the hot, uncomfortable silence with his parents for what seemed like hours, he finally emerged and said he needed to get going because his girlfriend had been in an accident and he needed to get to her.  I sat there in stunned silence looking around to see if I was on some bizarre hidden camera show. They all stood up and walked out..not even acknowledging me as they left. I swear I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone.



My date took me to a very nice restaurant. We were having a lovely conversation but when the food was placed in front of us my date had a strange look on his face.  I asked him is he was okay.  He stated that he thought he had to burp, them promptly threw up all over the table.  That’s one way to end an evening out quickly; a Valentine’s Day I’ll never forget.

Thank you to the great prizes given from Brass Tag at Deer Valley and Biscotts in South Jordan.

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