Hot Ticket: Contemporary art hooks up with beer at UMOCA

It’s time again for the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Museum’s Fluid Art, one of the more popular contemporary art gatherings in the state. Beer seems to make anything better. And,  for many of us, contemporary art might return the favor.

Local brewers including Kiitos, Proper, RoHa and Roosters will put their creativity up against the equally relevant art at UMOCA.

Bonus! By drinking alcohol while viewing the Saudi Arabian exhibit Cities of Conviction you can consider yourself part of a subversive art performance. And as you swill brew from plastic cups you can contemplate Carol Sogard’s witty commentary on plastic mass consumption.

Friday, 6-9 p.m.

UMOCA, 20 S. West Temple, SLC

Tickets are $35 until the day of, then $40 at the door.



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