The Controversy over Homeless Shelters in Salt Lake City Continues


In order to deal with a crisis of homelessness downtown, Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski and the city council unveiled the locations of four new homeless resource centers in Salt Lake City. The choices have angered the communities that will host them, in part because the residents feel the public hadn’t been adequate input into the decisions. We want to know what our fellow citizens really think about the matter – Speak up, Salt Lake; let us know how you feel. Also take a listen to our most recent episodes of Salt Lake Speaks as Glen Warchol talks with two residents that will be impacted by the Sugar House and Ballpark locations.

The 4 locations are:
653 E. Simpson Ave. (2300 South)
275 W. High Ave. (1400 South)
131 E. 700 South
648 W. 100 South

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Episode 2: Homelessness: Sugar House Fights Back

Episode 3: Homelessness: The Ball Park ‘hood takes another Hit

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