Cosplay at FanX Fall 2019

At every FanX (Salt Lake City’s biggest geek event), you’ll find thousands of fans who cosplay (short for costume play) as their favorite characters from anime, comic books, movies and more. Whether their costumes are store-bought or handcrafted, those who cosplay at FanX have one major thing in common: passion for the story.

Cosplay at the fall 2019 FanX, held Sept. 5–7, didn’t disappoint.

Drax of Guardians of the Galaxy, photo by Johnny Thomas
Potter Puppet Pals
Potter Puppet Pals, photo by Elise Winston
Thor, photo by Johnny Thomas
Juggernaut and Lobo
Juggernaut and Lobo, photo by Elise Winston
A Hogwarts student and Darth Vader
A Hogwarts student and Darth Vader, photo by Johnny Thomas
Our interview with Pennywise the clown, photo by Johnny Thomas
Lloyd of LEGO Ninjago
Lloyd of LEGO Ninjago, photo by Elise Winston
Wicked Witch
Wicked Witch of the West, photo by Elise Winston
Wicked Witch of the West, photo by Johnny Thomas
Oh My Sophii
Sophii of Oh My Sophii as Izuku Midoriya of My Hero Academia, photo by Elise Winston
Patsy from Holy Grail
Patsy from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, photo by Elise Winston
Christina Dark
Professional cosplayer Christina Dark as Sabrina, photo by Jaime Winston

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Jaime Winston
Jaime Winston
Jaime is a contributing writer for Salt Lake magazine. Formerly, he served as our editorial intern, then as our assistant web editor, and, finally, as our web editor. While he covers many different topics, he is especially interested in nerdy entertainment, from FanX's artist alley to Sundance's Midnight screenings.

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