Craft Lake City Returns with Hundreds of Local Artisans—And Ritt Momney

SLC: It’s time to get crafty. After holding an entirely virtual event last year, Craft Lake City is back to its normal self for their 13th annual festival this August. 

Volunteer Ana Valdemoros and Executive Director Angela H. Brown serve cotton candy
Volunteer Ana Valdemoros and Executive Director Angela H. Brown; Photo by John Carlisle; Courtesy Craft Lake City

The Festival is yet another trademark summer event that is returning after a year of COVID-mandated interruptions. Craft Lake City is important not only to the many visitors but to the artisans who rely on the festival to gain fans and sell products. “Utah is home to an incredible creative community and the DIY Festival at the Utah State Fairpark makes it possible for Craft Lake City to showcase the distinct talent of local makers,” says Shelbey Lang, Craft Lake City Artisan and Programs Manager. After 2020, more people are committed to buying local and supporting small businesses that struggled to survive through the pandemic. “Craft Lake City is excited to celebrate thirteen years of the DIY Festival with the local creative community,” says Angela H. Brown, Executive Director of Craft Lake City. 

The all-local festival is, as the name suggests, a craft fair, but it also encompasses foodies, artists, artisans, live performers—basically any local business doing cool shit in Utah. The DIY umbrella is large enough that you can take home a Japanese crepe cakes, NSFW embroidery and some queer-themed T-shirts in a single afternoon. Two stages will feature live performances from Utah musicians including Angie Petty, Bri Ray and Nicole Canaan and local dance groups representing a globe’s worth of dance styles from flamenco to pow wow dances. Plus there’s the food—so much food. Along with artisan food makers, food trucks include local favorites like Cupbop and Lucky Slice and more than 20 other options for meals, snacks and treats. The Festival’s DIY ethos even includes engineers bringing STEM projects like robotics and VR. It’s this eclectic, something-for-everyone spirit and community focus that has made Craft Lake City a favorite for more than a decade.

Desert Journey School of Dance performs outside
2019 Festival Performers Desert Journey School of Dance; Photo by Ceza Dzawala; Courtesy Craft Lake City

This year, the festival is launching Craft Lake City Academy, a new education and mentorship program for artisans starting or growing their business. Taught by local mentors, Classes start tomorrow. The training aims to expand opportunities for small businesses in Utah while building a support network for creators. Training sessions begin tomorrow, May 27.

Today, Craft Lake City announced their headlining performer will be Ritt Momney. The solo project of Jack Rutter, Ritt Momney is best-known for a cover of Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On,” which became a Top 40 hit last year after going viral on TikTok. The indie-pop musician is currently working on a new album. VIP and general admission tickets are available tomorrow morning.

Craft Lake City will be held from Aug. 13-15 at the Utah State Fairpark. For more information on vendors, volunteering and donations, visit their website. Subscribe to our print issue for more arts stories.

Josh Petersen
Josh Petersen
Josh Petersen is the former Digital Editor of Salt Lake magazine, where he covered local art, food, culture and, most importantly, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. He previously worked at Utah Style & Design and is a graduate of the University of Utah.

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