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“I love this business,” says Dave Turja. Why? “Every day is different, every day has different challenges. You’re competing with yourself and you’re improving people’s quality of life.” Turja has been at Ken Garff’s Porsche-Audi dealership for eight years and in the car business since 1990 and he believes in the cars he sells and the company he works for. “I was a Porsche fan long before I started working here,” says Turja. “Ever since Risky Business. I already owned a Porsche.”

“Owning a Porsche or an Audi is a lifelong goal for a lot of people—we’re providing cars that are milestones in their lives. For many of our customers ars are an extension of who they are, like your house or your clothes or your pet. They’re viewed by many people as an indicator of who you are and what you’ve achieved.” Ken Garff is one of the top ten largest auto dealers in the country—55 locations in six states. “Yet,” says Turja, “you feel like you’re working in a small company. This is a family business and you feel like you’re part of the family. We see members of the family often. Robert Garff was the most sincere, caring down-to-earth person I’ve ever met. His company reflects that.

Our motto is ‘‘ Treat people R.I.G.H.T.’’ R.I.G.H.T. is an acronym for respect, integrity, growth, humility and teamwork. “The premise is that our employees bring that ideal to work,” says Turja. Every employee is part of the decision-making process. “The philosophy is, if we take care of our employees, then our employees take care of our customers.” Turja says the Garff organization extends its mantra into the community. “Every store did three different community projects after Covid first hit to help local businesses negatively impacted. We also partnered with the Lehi Ken Garff Land Rover dealership and helped build a basketball court and hoops for a youth facility here in Lehi.”

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