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With a history grounded in their farm, their lab and their kitchen, Deep Roots Harvest is dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis goods that tell a story. Through local service, community involvement, and carefully curated products, they strive to establish their shops as assets to each of their six communities around Nevada, from West Wendover to Reno to Mesquite and Las Vegas. 

Deep Roots Harvest’s passion begins at the cultivation stage. The team has renovated two 40,000-square-foot warehouses in Mesquite, each meticulous climate controlled to foster a variety of strains year-round. Each yield is carefully bred to ensure maximum potency, ready for production into any one of the shop’s many products, from concentrates to pre-rolls. 

Facilities like these have allowed Deep Roots Harvest to stay on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry. 

“Testing standards and consistency with regard to potency in products have continued to evolve, making overall product quality really top-notch,” says Jon Marshall, COO. 

The Deep Roots Team is all proud to be a part of the advancement and maturing of the cannabis industry as a whole. 

“We work with other industry partners and the Cannabis Compliance Board to advocate for improved patient and customer access,” says Marshall. “Our goals are to create best practices for operators, and improve the transparency of products for the end user, in an effort to promote responsible regulation.” 

By achieving these goals, Deep Roots Harvest hopes to create a positive space for cannabis in the economy and to help reduce the negative perceptions brought on by overregulation and zealous penalization of minor drug offenses.


How is the Deep Roots Experience different from other dispensaries? 

“We take great pride in both the quality of our selection and the expertise of our staff. We love our craft and try to stock products that appeal to all levels of consumers, but it really boils down to making sure our expert staff is ready to educate customers about cannabis medically, not just recreationally. For us, it is more than just a plant. Our Budtenders are constantly keeping up on the latest industry developments, and will always have the most current information for buyers.”  

Do you have any products totally unique to deep roots?

Our Helix Gummies and Cheeba Chews are a delicious edible alternative than smokeable cannabis. Choosing infused edibles allows you to prioritize high-quality ingredients, and include a dosage measured in milligrams rather than by THC percentage. This allows for a more closely-monitored consumption experience.” 

How is Deep Roots impacting the cannabis industry as a whole? 

“Alongside our storefronts, we act as a ‘silent growing partner’ to several brands and dispensaries, and have built strong relationships with cultivators, producers and retailers throughout Nevada. All of our plants grow from clones, and we utilize every part possible, whether they are dried for flower, prepped for infusion into concentrates, or used for distillate.”


395 Industrial Way, Wendover

Additional locations around Nevada

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