Behold! The Delicate Stitchers Quilting Guild

Quilting in the Red Rocks

Everything old is new again. The Delicate Stitchers Quilting Guild is holding their 10th bi-annual Quilting in the Red Rocks show in March in Moab. The Guild has grown every year since it started in 1998—this year, more than 150 quilts made by Guild members will be exhibited at the Grand Center, including antique quilts and quilts from last year’s Challenge Quilt show. (The challenge started when a member’s daughter brought back 100 yards of fabric from Cameroon and challenged each Guild member to make a quilt from it. 

Quilting is an original pioneer craft experiencing a renaissance right now, with artists working in pieces completely by hand or using digitized designs quilted with a commercial long arm quilting machine. For more information go to

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