Dented Brick Distillery Wins Big In San Francisco.

Never heard of white whiskey? Then you haven’t been paying attention. Luckily the guys at Dented Brick Distillery, founded in South Salt Lake, know their stuff.

As its name implies, white whiskey is completely transparent. It’s also, in a sense, unfinished. Think of it like unripe fruit: Sure you can go ahead and pluck it from the bough, but it’s a lot sweeter when it’s given time to transform.

And in order to get that deep amber color we’re all accustomed to in our whiskey, master distillers take their corn or grain alcohol and store it in oak barrels for—at the very least—two years. That resting period imbues the spirit with the color, flavors and smoothness we now equate with a quality bourbon or scotch. White Whiskey, however, is a callback to a former era.

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In the days of prohibition, such waiting periods were not feasible. There was a demand and unregulated distillers had to work quickly and in the dead of night to safely provide enough supply. The unaged whiskey they produced became known as moonshine.

Illegal moonshine, however, could be made from anything and had no government oversight. Today’s white whiskey is standardized and must contain a set percentage of corn or grain in its production. It’s also a lot more palatable. Heck, Dented Brick Distillery’s, Hugh Moon White Whiskey, is award-winning.

The smooth finish and sweet corn flavor of DBD’s, “Hugh Moon White Whiskey,” earned the distillery a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A part of Dented Brick Distillery’s historically themed products, Hugh Moon White Whiskey was inspired by Hugh Moon, the first Utahn to own and operate a distillery in the late 1800s.

Dented Brick Distillery was also awarded Silver Medal’s for it’s Well Gin and Well Vodka releases. Its Well Rum took the Bronze Medal, all of which signify excellence based on refinement, finesse and complexity.

Still not on board? Don’t fret. As soon as their master distiller gives the green-light, Dented Brick Distillery will release, “Hugh Moon Select,” a standard, barrel-aged whiskey that builds on the smooth, sweet flavors of its unaged predecessor.


Devon Alexander Brown
Devon Alexander Brown
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