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Salt Lake magazine’s Dining Guide is a select list of the best restaurants in Utah, curated and edited by Salt Lake magazine’s Executive Editor and Dining Maven Mary Brown Malouf.

“I evaluate what I’m eating,” Mary says. “Whether I‘m reviewing a meal for this publication or eating a doughnut, I think about what I’m eating. What does it look like? What does it smell like? Which of the recognized five flavors am I tasting? Is this better or worse than other versions of this dish? How much am I enjoying it and why?”

Our guide has no relationship to advertising in the magazine or on the web. All review visits are anonymous and paid for by Salt Lake magazine.

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Alamexo Cantina
Alamexo Cantina Another version of Chef Matthew Lake’s terrific Mexican cuisine, the Cantina is livelier than the downtown original but[...]
Baja Cantina
Baja Cantina The T.J. Taxi is a flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, cheddar-jack cheese and guacamole. Park[...]
Slackwater Pizza
Slackwater Pizza The pies here are as good as any food in Ogden. Selection ranges from traditional to Thai (try[...]
Billy Blanco’s
Billy Blanco’s  Motor City Mexican. The subtitle is “burger and taco garage,” but garage is the notable word. This is[...]
Mom’s Café
Mom’s Café Mom’s has fed travelers on blue plate standards since 1928. This is the place to try a Utah[...]
R and R
R and R A brick-and-mortar restaurant owned by brothers Rod and Roger Livingston, winners on the competitive barbecue circuit. Ribs and brisket[...]
Stanza Another new chef Jonathon LeBlanc, brings a happy flair to this Italianesque restaurant. And Amber Billingsley is making the[...]
Road Island Diner
Road Island Diner An authentic 1930s diner refitted to serve 21st century customers. The menu features old-fashioned favorites for breakfast, lunch[...]

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