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Salt Lake magazine’s Dining Guide is a select list of the best restaurants in Utah, curated and edited by Salt Lake magazine’s Executive Editor and Dining Maven Mary Brown Malouf.

“I evaluate what I’m eating,” Mary says. “Whether I‘m reviewing a meal for this publication or eating a doughnut, I think about what I’m eating. What does it look like? What does it smell like? Which of the recognized five flavors am I tasting? Is this better or worse than other versions of this dish? How much am I enjoying it and why?”

Our guide has no relationship to advertising in the magazine or on the web. All review visits are anonymous and paid for by Salt Lake magazine.

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The Bit and Spur
The Bit and Spur The menu stars Southwestern cuisine—ribs, beef and chicken—as well as chili verde. A longtime Zion favorite, there’s[...]
Tandoor Indian Grill
Tandoor Indian Grill Delicious salmon tandoori, sizzling on a plate with onions and peppers like fajitas, is mysteriously not overcooked.[...]
Chanon Thai Cafe
Chanon Thai Cafe A meal here is like a casual dinner at your best Thai friend’s place. Try curried fish[...]
Thai Garden
Thai Garden Paprika-infused pad thai, deep-fried duck and fragrant gang gra ree are all excellent choices—but there are 50-plus items on[...]
Tupelo Chef Matt Harris brings in a touch of the South and a lot of excitement to Main Street. This is[...]
Silver Fork Lodge
Silver Fork Lodge Silver Fork's kitchen handles three daily meals beautifully. Try pancakes made with a 50-year-old sourdough starter. Don't miss[...]
Mia Sicilia
Mia Sicilia A family-run restaurant with a huge number of fans who love the food’s hearty and approachable style, friendly[...]
Zucca Trattoria
Zucca Trattoria Chef-Gerladine Sepulveda’s menu features regional Italian dishes—check out the specials. But that’s only part of Zucca. There is also[...]

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