Dining Influencers: Cafe Trio

Pizza Chic

David Harries and Mikel Trapp with a lot of help from their friends planted a seed at Park Cafe that came into full bloom when they opened Trio. Others had challenged the Sicilian red-sauce hegemony in Salt Lake Italian restaurants before, but besides its lighter approach to Italian food, Trio presented a new style—a fresh feel—in dining. “We were unpretentious,” says Trapp, who’s now opening a version of Trio in Park City. But lack of pretension didn’t mean lack of style. Like Harries’  Vinto years later, Cafe Trio exuded chic in a distinctive and fresh Old World style. It featured a wood-fired oven and an affordable price-tiered wine list, but the big innovation was a new flexibility in when and how diners could eat—after-work refreshment, before-the-show dinner, family supper, romantic tete-a-tete.

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