Dining Influencers: Wasatch Brewery

Beer from the Source 

The story is the stuff of legend now, like Brigham Young declaring, “This is the place.” The tale of Greg Schirf moving to Utah from Milwaukee in the early ‘80’s and asking the question “Where’s the beer?” is another of Utah’s famous origin stories. The answer now is “everywhere,” but the Beehive’s excellent and prolific beer scene began with Schirf opening a craft brewery: Wasatch Brewery has been producing beer since 1986, but in 1988 Schirf proposed his second bill to the Utah Legislature and then opened the state’s first brewpub, changing dining here forever. Not only did the new business foster an appreciation of beer as an ancient, varied and respected beverage—far more complex than its Clydesdale-driven American image—it established beer as a part of cuisine. Today’s beer and food pairing dinners are a direct descendant of Wasatch Brewery.

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