Yes. Allowed. 22 Dog-Friendly Patios

Patio dining season is upon us, and like you, we love our dogs. Rather than leave them home, here’s a list of 22 dog-friendly patios in Salt Lake where they can come to join. It’s a yes, dear Fido, so let’s get you on a leash and go!

22 Pooch-friendly Patios

While Salt Lake County food regs prohibit animal,—except qualifying ADA service dogs—inside places that serve food, there are a few rules a food-service business must maintain to receive “dog patio” approval. The patio dining area must be cleaned with animal-friendly chemicals, and Mr. Buster’s “Business” needs to be taken care of within 5 minutes.

For owners, let’s keep dogs allowed. Proper owner and dog etiquette include: leash your pup. Don’t put them up on the table or sit them in a chair (even though that is SO cute). Don’t feed them from the table (not even treats) or drop your dirty plate for licking clean. Save that for home. (You know you do it.)

Most importantly, while you may love your canine, other humans paying to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful patio-dining experience may not. (But who could love your dog more than YOU?) If you have a dog (or a kid for that matter) that doesn’t know how to chill don’t ask everyone to put up with Mr. Troubles. Get some take out and go to the park.

Bow-wow appétit!

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dog-friendly patios
Campfire Lounge is on of 22 officially licensed patios in Salt Lake allowing dogs.
Jen Hill
Jen Hill
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