Doggie Bag: Provo business offers an alternative to walking Benji.

written by: Christie Marcy

When Joseph Watson’s sister-in-law brought him a dog she’d found abandoned in a dumpster in Bountiful, neither he nor his wife wanted it. “We were poor college students, we had so much going on. And we were not pet people at all,” Watson says.

“We were very happy, and did not have  the space in our lives for an animal,” he tells the story with a smile.

But as they say, sometimes you choose your pet, and sometimes your pet chooses you. “We were just going to find her a home,” Watson says, “but by the time Monday rolled around, she was family.” They named the fluffy mutt Daisy.

Watson  quickly realized the biggest challenge of his newfound dog-ownership was finding time for his cycling hobby. “Any hour of exercise out of the house was another hour that we were leaving Daisy home alone,” he says. Once he took her with him holding her in his right hand—but after the first and only ride like that ended in a crash, he started to put her in a drawstring backpack. It was an improvement and soon he was working on a design that would be a better fit for his and Daisy’s needs.

“We took it to three different vets,” he says of his final design. “This was just for our own dog! We didn’t plan to take this public, we were just trying to make sure that Daisy would be safe.” But, eventually the family saw a market demand and started mass producing the backpacks, known as the K9 Sport Sack.

“I get to work everyday with Daisy at my feet,” says Watson, who quit his job as a high school guidance counselor to pursue the business full time. “We are having so much fun.”

Pup Pack

K9 Sport Sack
is available in a variety of colors and in sizes extra-small to large (extra-large will be available later this year). Though dog owners should consider their dog’s weight when deciding to buy a backpack, the dog carrier’s sizes are based on dog height.

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Christie Marcy
Christie Marcy
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