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Doki Doki: Crepe Cakes and Fluffy Pancakes, Oh My!

Doki Doki: Crepe Cakes and Fluffy Pancakes, Oh My!

If you haven’t heard of crepe cakes before, you’re not alone. I only recently started seeing this trend float around social medias within the last year. Evidently, they’ve been around for quite awhile and are incredibly popular in big cities such as Tokyo and New York City. Lucky for Salt Lakers, we can grab a slice of handcrafted crepe cake right here in our very own city. Doki Doki is one of Salt Lake City’s most authentic Japanese bakeries. And the authenticity shows through their delicately handcrafted pastries and cakes. Each of their crepe cakes is made with over 20 golden brown soft thin crepes, layered with homemade cream using fresh fruits and premium ingredients. Light and just-sweet-enough, it’s like eating a cloud. My slice of crème brûlée cake (see above) didn’t last for more than 3 minutes.

doki doki Doki Doki has also recently re-added fluffy pancakes to their menu. Owner and pastry chef, Irie Cao Omori, said she initially had them on the menu when they first opened their bakery doors 3 years ago, but the trend hadn’t taken off yet. Going with her gut, she brought them back in the fall of 2020, and they’ve been a huge hit ever since. The process behind these fluffy pancakes is intricate. It takes attention to detail and a lot of love to craft the fluffiest of pancakes. Making the 15 minute wait well worth it. This breakfast-for-dessert quite literally melts in your mouth. Almost too cute to eat, but after one bite, there’s no stopping.

doki dokiDoki Doki is open for take out and delivery Monday through Thursday from 5PM to 10PM and Friday through Saturday from 12PM-10PM. They are located at 249 E 400 S, Salt Lake City. Call 385-229-4339 or go to dokidessert.com to place an order. 

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