Well, I am here to tell you: don’t bother.

Let me rephrase: you can if you want but it’s really not necessary. If you aren’t modeling in a photo shoot or bridal photos this does not need to be in your every day beauty routine.

Aside from being superfluous, contouring is not something you can just copy from a tutorial. The concept of a contour is to provide shade to areas that need to be concealed to give the illusion of a more “perfect” face.  If you are copying someone who has a round shaped face and yours is more heart shaped you are going to end up a bronzy, muddy mess.

It’s kind of the same idea behind why you can’t seem to create that perfect winged eyeliner. It’s a different technique depending on your eye shape. (I know my eye shape and I always end up with one perfect wing and one wing that looks like a let a five-year-old do it for me.)

Before you get upset at me for going all counter-culture on you, let me offer you an alternative.  This is something everyone can do AND it looks great on everyone. I promise.

It’s called the 3 rule.

Starting just above the arch of the brow, swoop down starting a C shape. Bring the tail of the C to just under the cheekbone stopping as you see in the picture, just at the iris. Then finish the 3-shape by going just under the jawbone.  Don’t do it ON the jaw line or you’ll have just that—a jaw line. Repeat on the other side and Voila! You have a beautifully shaped face with just the right amount of warmth.

Stay tuned: next week I’ll tell you some of my favorite products for executing this simple technique!