6 Downtown Salt Lake Bars We Love

After a long day of breakouts and keynotes you might want/need to check out one of the many downtown Salt Lake bars. Here is a list of some of our favorite downtown Salt Lake bars for when you’re still on the job with the sales team (or that certain someone from the sales team).

Downtown Salt Lake Bar No. 1 – Keys on Main

downtown Salt Lake bars
Courtesy of US Bus Tours

Sing-along and drink-along with the piano man.

  • What you’re drinking: Anything shaken, stirred or on tap What’s so special: Salt Lake has plenty of live music stops, but Keys on Main’s dueling pianos are all about interactive entertainment. Who’s there: From bachelorette parties to birthdays, there is always a celebration taking place at Keys. Celebrate with the best dressed and most beautiful folks in the city. Come for the dueling pianos, stay for the people watching.

Downtown Salt Lake Bar No. 2 – The Red Door

downtown Salt Lake bar

So you say you want a revolution?

  • What you’re drinking: One-ounce Sapphire martini, dirty What’s so special: The giant Che Guevara mural, red walls and candlelit dimness. Who’s there: Communists and conventioneers. The Red Door is probably Salt Lake’s most intimate drinking establishment: a cozy hideaway that feels like somewhere else—sophisticated and elegant, perfect for a sneering discussion of laissez-faire economics, or just les affaires.

Downtown Salt Lake Bar No. 3 – O’Shucks Bar & Grill

downtown Salt Lake bars
Courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune

Gritty dive bar or sushi bar? You decide.

  • What you’re drinking: Schooner of brewWhat’s so special: The crazy-cheap deals on giant beers and rolls from the in-house Ahh Sushi restaurant every Wednesday. Who’s there: Any and all types: suits, college kids, hipsters–everyone who feels comfortable throwing peanut shells on the floor, then ordering sashimi. And a few pool players.

Downtown Salt Lake Bar No. 4 – Copper Common

downtown Salt Lake bars

A food-forward approach to drinking.

  • What you’re drinking: A Fourth Regiment: High West Double Rye, Carpano Antica Vermouth and three bitters—Peychaud’s, celery and orange What’s so special: The civilized setting and the sophisticated menu—including flown-fresh oysters and what we believe is the best bar burger in the entire world. Who’s there: Well-traveled folks with experienced palates and a taste for adventure.

Downtown Salt Lake Bar No. 5 – The Beer Hive Pub

This Main Street hotspot is all the buzz.

  • What you’re drinking: Epic’s Spiral Jetty or any number of craft microbrews from the extensive list What’s so special: The ice bar, literally a strip of ice that runs the length of the bar to keep your brew at the right temperature Who’s there: Downtowners and conventioneers who like it Old World style. One of the newer hotspots in downtown SLC, The Beerhive attracts a crowd ranging from hipster kids to Happy Hour suits.

Downtown Salt Lake Bar No. 6 – Cheers to You

Grab a stool at a bar that’s old-school.

  • What you’re drinking: Most likely cheap, yellow beer. What’s so special: Red pleather, dim lighting and cheesy decorations make you feel instantly at home. Who’s there: Everyone who knows everyone else—lotsa locals with legitimate IDs—and, on Friday, karaoke fans. Cheers to You isn’t exactly fancy, and it’s no place you’d take a date, but if you want a homey, friendly spot to simply quaff a brew, it’s for you.

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