Easter Jeep Rally in Moab Cometh

Plus the Red Rock Rampage. Eeek!

Easter Jeep Rally

The Easter Jeep Rally in Moab has been filling the desert town with noisy vehicles, 4 x 4 fun lovers and a lot of red dust since its inception in 1967. Off-road aficionados come from all over for the nine-day rally to explore 40 different trails accompanied by experienced guides. This year’s dates are April 13-21; go to www.rr4w.com for more information.

Ride the painted desert

Twenty-eight miles and 2,000 feet of elevation gain in under four hours—that’s what’s required to win in the elite men’s division of St. George’s annual Red Rock Rampage. 

Don’t be intimidated—there’s a 2-mile loop for novice cyclists. And 30 different categories—ranging from kids to pro, so everyone can participate. (You can also ride the track the rest of the year without racing.)But the field gets more crowded every year, as more people realize the down and dirty delights of  mountain biking through gorgeous scenery in the first sunshine of the year. ridesouthernutah.com

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