Eat Local Week

When you’re standing over a hot pan, preparing a meal for you family do you ever stop and wonder where all of the ingredients came from? Do you wonder about their nutritional value? While chopping up vegetables do you ever think about how fresh they are? Do you ever think about how the food we buy in our local grocery stores impacts our community? If you’re anything like me, these things rarely cross your mind. Of course, being healthy and Utah’s economy are important to me, but as I put together my grocery list and dash through the store I am mostly thinking about how I can make the dreaded grocery store trip as short as possible. But did you know it could be convenient to buy locally and support Utah’s agricultural heritage?  Eat Local Week strives to inform our community about how much food is actually produced in Utah and how changing small, daily habits can impact our health, diet and economy.

Eat Local Week is a community-wide celebration of the harvest and the great people of Utah whose hard work goes into it. From September 9 – 16 join the community in learning more about locally produced foods through a series of activities and events and challenge yourself to eat and drink food that is produced within a 250-mile radius of where you live. You can learn more about where you can buy local foods here. This year, Eat Local Week has expanded state-wide with 10 restaurants in Moab offering local foods on their menu, a farm-to-table dinner in Kaysville and documentary film, Food chains, shown in Salt Lake. The Liberty Park Farmer’s Market will also launch their Double Up Food Bucks to help low income families take home affordable and fresh produce.

Eat Local Week also challenges Utahns to strive to be healthier. Take this week to skip the coffee, chocolate or olive oil. Or challenge yourself to choosing to buy a specific food group that is easy to obtain in Utah like meat, produce and dairy. You can take a pledge to challenge yourself on Eat Local Week’s website.

“Eat Local Week” is my favorite week of the year, because it really does challenge us to learn more about where our food comes from and how much we grow and produce right here in our own state,” says Alison Einerson, Downtown Farmers Market manager.  “From local meats to produce to dairy and cheeses, you can find virtually everything you want to eat made right here in Utah. Food is truly a resource that binds us all, and connects our state rural and urban communities.”

The Downtown Farmer’s Market and Liberty Park Farmer’s Market will feature events and promotions surrounding local food. You can find a full list of activities and events on their website or Facebook page.

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