Did Eccles Theater Step an 'Angry Inch' Into Violating State Law?

In the spirit of the so-called Deadpool rule, the Eccles Theater is not letting patrons take alcoholic beverages into the theater during the run of the Book of Mormon Musical because, according to Broadway at the Eccles spokeswoman Mitzi Van Arsdell: “Utah State Liquor Laws have clear guidelines about alcohol consumption during events with mature themes. We comply with all state laws, including those related to alcohol.” 

Not allowing alcohol into the Book of Mormon Musical is mallet-to-the-head irony, of course. Even more so, as The Bistro in the Eccles lobby (safely tens of feet from the theater proper) was selling funeral potatoes and vodka-based Jell-O shots.

But Salt Lake magazine contributing editor Jeremy Pugh pushed the issue a step farther by asking how then, did the Eccles Theater allow alcohol to be consumed during the run of Hedwig and the Angry Inch?

Hedwig, a musical about botched gender change (hence, the “angry inch”), certainly could be construed to have the same legal issues as Deadpool and the Book of Mormon Musical. Admittedly, the BoMM included dildos and simulated sex with a frog on stage.

Pugh has yet to get a response to the question.

The DABC is hip deep in a federal lawsuit for busting Brewvies theater because alcohol was served during the R-rated film Deadpool. Brewvies is arguing the law violates the U.S. Constitution.

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