Election advice from Overstock's Patrick Byrne!

Overstock.com’s outspoken CEO recently returned from staring into the abyss—this time due to stage 4 Hepatitis C. Byrne was feeling frisky and healthy, he says, for the first time in 30 years, when he spoke to SLmag.com. Figuring his recent hokey pokey with the Grime Reaper gave him clarity of mind, we gave extra weight to Byrne’s advice on the presidential race:

“Trump is a disgrace to America and Hillary Clinton belongs in an orange jumpsuit.”

Byrne who has fought Wall Street corruption for as long as we can remember, says we should all vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson. You won’t be throwing your vote away symbolically, Byrne says. Here’s the plan: If Johnson could steal enough votes from Don and Hilary, the election would bounce into the notoriously thoughtful U.S. House of Representatives who will make a wise and politics-free pick. Byrne thinks they’ll go for Johnson.


The last time American left it up to the House, we got studmuffin John Quincy Adams—who coincidentally was a secretary of state before becoming president. He was succeeded by Andrew Jackson, whose common-man rhetoric, coif and tan is uncannily similar to Donald Trump’s. (I think we’ve got a conspiracy theory rolling here!)


Byrne repeated his election advice and also warned of an coming economic meltdown on Fox News later Wednesday.


Glen Warchol
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