Become a Business Equality Leader

How Equality Utah is partnering with businesses to help create equality in the workplace

What Business Equality Leader program? 

Equality Utah’s Business Equality Leader certification builds on the tradition of The Utah Way; the aspirational model of bringing diverse groups together to advance historic legislation, like our 2015 non-discrimination law which balanced the priorities of both LGBTQ and faith communities. It’s also the same model that successfully advanced Utah’s 2019 hate crimes law, providing justice to communities across the spectrum of religion, race, sex and more. Utah prides itself in being one of the most conservative states in our nation with the most legal protections for minorities, including the LGBTQ community.

With many legal equality victories obtained, we now seek to build lived equality; to honor the lived and diverse experiences of people in the workplace. And we seek to help Utah businesses build greater intra-company harmony among workers with different backgrounds, cultures and worldviews. Our presentations are designed for people who may have limited exposure to LGBTQ+ but are curious to learn and understand more. Equality Utah also values viewpoint diversity. We want everyone to feel welcome in the conversation, regardless of personal backgrounds and beliefs. We all grow by engaging across our differences, with the goal of discovering what we all share in common.  

Why should your company become a certified Business Equality Leader?

We understand the unique demographic in our wonderful state; in other words, We speak Utahn. Our program creates an understanding of tough issues by focusing on shared values. This isn’t about politics; it’s about creating understanding so that our workplaces can be more productive and, ultimately, more profitable.  

Equality Utah’s education program is free from political or cultural biases. We respect people where they are. We use language that is easy to comprehend and we combine it with shared storytelling. There is nothing like hearing the true stories of people in our families and workplaces. These are crucial for truly understanding each other during times of political and social divides. As we build teams of mutual respect, we find new ways to enhance productivity and build upon your own company’s existing culture of inclusion. 

Equality Utah’s director, Troy Williams, puts it this way, “We all benefit when we sit down together, share stories and honor each other’s journey. Ultimately, we are all on the same team, seeking the same goals. By creating a greater sense of belonging for every team member, your company will be better poised to achieve its greatest success.” 

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