Preview: Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen at The Eccles

If you aren’t exactly sure what Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are doing at their AC2 show at the Eccles Theater, you aren’t alone. When Salt Lake magazine spoke to Cooper last month, our first question was, “What the hell is this?”

After Cooper complimented our question, he explained, “It’s an intimate night of conversation between Andy and I, who have known each other for 20 years. It’s kind of a peek behind the curtain at pop culture and world events.” Cooper is a newsman, the host of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, while Cohen’s domain is firmly on the entertainment side, hosting the new Love Connection remake and Watch What Happens on E!

“We have known each other for so long and and we travel together on vacation so it’s just a fun night of conversation,” says Cooper. “It’s intimate, it’s stuff you wouldn’t hear us talk about on television, but we try not to talk about it too much because we want it to be just for the people in the audience.”

“What’s nice,” Cooper adds, “is that we tell a lot of stories that we’ve never spoken about on TV. People have been amazingly great about not going public about stories we talk about—they’re all true but we don’t want to offend anyone outside of the room.” There are stories about newsmakers and celebrities alike told between the two friends, “We sort of make a pact (with the audience) at the beginning of the show… I was concerned people might videotape it and put it online, but no one has done that. People feel like they’re hanging out with us and they’re part of it.”

Cooper says that a benefit of the shows—Salt Lake will be the 25th—is that Cohen gets to explore new cities. “He likes to go a couple days in advance and suss it out and by the time I come in for a show, he knows where we’re going to lunch and dinner and where we’re going after the show. I’m a complete introvert, so I need a cruise director” says Cooper, who added, “Usually, no one wants to see me come to their town because it means something terrible has happened.”

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen bring their AC Squared show to Eccles on Saturday June 10. Tickets are available here.

Christie Marcy
Christie Marcy
Christie Marcy is a former managing editor at Salt Lake magazine. Though she writes about everything, she has a particular interest in arts and culture in Utah. In the summer months, you will find her at any given outdoor concert on any given night. In the winter, you will find her wishing for summer. Follow her on social media at @whynotboth.

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