Event Preview: International Vulture Awareness Day at Tracy Aviary

When picturing a vulture most of us imagine a bald bird circling in over a nearly dead animal waiting out it’s death and swooping in to feast as soon as the dying animal passes. They don’t really have a good reputation. Even Charles Darwin had a bad impression of them on first glance stating “these are disgusting birds with bald scarlet heads that are formed to revel in putridity.” Charles Darwin quickly changed his mind after realizing these impeccable birds are, in their own way, beautiful. He realized that, in flight, these birds are actually quite graceful.

In support of these unusual creatures, Tracy Aviary is celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day this Saturday, September 2nd starting at 10:00 am. This fun for all ages event is free with admission and will include face painting, a bird show and “gut pile” ice cream. Bring your family and come learn about how these birds are a staple to ecosystems and are so much more than the menacing birds we imagine them to be.  For the full schedule click here.

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