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Find Fantasies at Evermore Park

Find Fantasies at Evermore Park

The question is, will you be part of The Coven (masters of magic and arcane knowledge) or join the Rangers of the Red Fletch (archers, code breakers and forestdwellers?) Thereareotheroptions— Pirates of the Dagger Fleet seek freedom and treasure, Knights of Evermore arm themselves to defend those around them, Baleful Bards, artists, performers and creatives or Blackheart Hunters, who are basically monster bounty hunters.

But only in January and February can you become one of the Wolves of Winter. Members once only included the strongest of Aurora’s northern clans, but now they’re starting to branch out to folks like you … assuming you’re an unconquerable, fierce warrior.)


WHAT: Evermore Park is a live-action experience set in the fantasy village
of Evermore. Themed like a European village with its own buildings, citizens, and an epic story, guests interact with characters, go on quests, and become a part of the world of Evermore. The village of Evermore is a growing entity with changing themes, buildings, citizens and quests.
WHERE: 382 S. Evermore Lane, Pleasant Grove. evermore.com
WHEN: Check evermore.com for up to date hours and COVID policies.
COST: Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the gate for adults; $10 in advance, $12 at the gate for juniors. Free for children under the age of 5. Check the website for packages and special event pricing.


Evermore Park, the family friendly, Renaissance faire-meets-fantasy-novel theme park that opened in Pleasant Grove just over two years ago, is known as a Halloween and holiday destination— this past Halloween season featured a diabolical circus, and the winter holidays called for a Dickensian Christmas set-up at the park. But after the new year, when crowds die down, the tale takes a new path, a Norse-inspired mythology with character actors in addition to the usual knights, pirates and sorcerers.

Guests immerse themselves in a story where they play the hero as they interact with the actors. “That story is based in the fictional world of Aurora,” said Chandler Jensen, public relations team lead. “Along with this story that guests are heavily involved with, we also feature guilds guests can join and rank up in, wonderful meal options and our Wings Over Evermore bird and reptile show.”

By “guilds,” Jensen is talking about the guilds mentioned above that the park’s actors associate with, which you, and the kids, are welcome to join if deemed worthy.

To join a guild, talk to one of the characters for a set of tasks to complete, which may include visiting Evermore attractions, memorizing facts or performing good deeds.
You’ve got a minute, though. Before you commit, down a rich churro donut with ice cream, candied pecans, whipped cream and apples. When your sugar rush dies down, order a hot chocolate and catch the bird show. The Wolves can wait.

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