It's Everywhere: Call it H20 or dihydrogen monoxide, we’re wasting too much of it.

written by: Glen Warchol

No. 1

Utah’s position as the most water-wasteful state. (Sorry, Aunt Bea.)

250 gallons

= the amount of water Utahns consume each day.

4 out of 5

gallons of Utah’s annual rainfall are sucked up by farms and ½ of that is lost to inefficient irrigation.


Godmother of Utah Water Conservation—beloved Gov. Olene Walker (aka “Aunt Bea”) called on Utahns to Slow-the-Flow.


=  agriculture’s paltry part of Utah’s modern economy.

3 Beautiful Acres:

Red Butte Arboretum’s Conservation Garden that will test and teach water-wise practices. And don’t miss the Annual Benefit Spring Plant Sale May 12-13, 300 Wakara Way, SLC,

10 years

Time it would take before even near-record snowpacks like this season would fill our drought-stricken reservoirs.

See more inside the 2017 May/June Issue.See more inside the 2017 May/June Issue.

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