Exclusive Conestoga Ranch Solar Eclipse Glamping Event

This year, you can just watch the solar eclipse, or you can watch the solar eclipse from a 19th-century wagon-tent after doing morning yoga with sun salutations and special eclipse safety goggles. At least, that’s some of what the all-inclusive glamping resort Conestoga Ranch is offering this year in their new Solar Eclipse Glamping event.


During this year’s solar eclipse on August 21st, interested “glampers” get more than the usual glamping experience offered at Conestoga Ranch Glamping Resort in Garden City. Aside from their usual amenities, like Grand Tents equipped with soft beds and liners, free Wi-Fi as well as private en-suite bathrooms and a mini-refrigerator, Conestoga Ranch is offering an exclusive package that puts all glamping experiences to shame.


The Exclusive Solar Eclipse Glamping event taking place on August 20th to the 21st, offers guests the option to experience the eclipse in 80 percent totality for $195 per person. The package includes meals at Campfire Grill restaurant, even wood-fired pizzas that are shaped like half-moons to honor the eclipse (though I bet you could order a full pizza and say it’s for a full moon). There’s also fresh carrot juice in the morning that, supposedly, will energize your eyeballs for a greater viewing experience, but we suggest to start drinking that now if you really want energized eyeballs. An Eclipse Goodie Bag, that includes solar and lunar inspired snacks, can be enjoyed after their morning yoga with sunrise salutations while you read their special Eclipse Guide on how to best and safely experience the eclipse. For an 80 percent eclipse viewing totality, the ability to sleep in a real bed and food shaped like parts of the solar system, I would say this package beats out all other glamping experiences.


If interested, visit www.conestogaranch.com or call 844-GO-GLAMP.

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