Face Masks for Everyday Fashion

Fashionable Face Masks
Model: Rebecca Lima; Photo by MANICPROJECT

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, face masks went from being something you’d see in an apocalyptic movie to everyday fashion.

A creative collaboration between Farasha, a fashion consulting company, and MANICPROJECT, a Salt Lake City photographer, aimed to shine a bright light on the unknowns of COVID-19. Their message? This is a time of renewal. A moment to reset. An opportunity to listen and learn. To be better humans. To be humble. To be environmentally responsible. To make more socially conscious decisions. To support our communities and one another. To stand up for what is right. To show more empathy. To be kinder. To redefine purpose. To be more present. And to live in the moment.

Fashionable Face Masks
Model: Rebecca Lima; Photo by MANICPROJECT

And because we’re all sporting masks, why not be fashionable? They’ve crafted stunning high-fashion face coverings to help bring individuality and style to the world. Because while wearing a mask is a selfless way to keep others and yourself safe, it could also be a way to flaunt yourself. Basically, if you must wear a mask, wear it well.

Find out more at farashastyle.com.

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