First Zion Curtain Comes Down at Current

Grab your party hats people, because Utah’s about to get a whole “heck” of a lot more fun.

Inside restaurants, Utah’s nightlife is going to get a bit more absurd as the ridiculed “Zion Curtains” will disappear to be replaced by 42-inch-high “Zion Fences” or 10-foot-wide “Zion Moats.”

Current, a Salt Lake seafood establishment, will be among the first restaurants to tear down their Zion Curtain and replace it with a 10-foot Zion Moat (an expanse of floor space separating minors from the bar). The moat will showcase cocktail making for those who seek that thrill, while keeping children safely 10 feet out of danger. Think of it as a restraining order for alcohol.

Also on the horizon, is implementation of HB155, which lowered the DUI blood-alcohol level from .08 to .05, Utah has been divided over its having the lowest blood-alcohol level in the nation, and gained national attention by having its tourists poached by surrounding states that warn that as little as one glass of wine could land you in jail. “Come on vacation—leave on probation,” according to one ad.

HB155 has generated enough anger that Gov. Gary Herbert has promised to call a special session to address “unintended consequences” of the law and delay it’s implementation to post-2019.

Current is holding a Zion Curtain coming-down media event Saturday at 9 a.m. at 279 E. 300 S., Salt Lake City.

(The photo above is owner Joel LaSalle “simulating” taking down the curtain earlier this year.)

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