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Tasty Cocktail Concoctions at Lake Effect in Salt Lake City

If you like to grab a seat at the bar, you will see first hand that the Lae Effect bartenders take their job very seriously.

Buzzed in the Beehive: A Brief History of Drinking in Utah

Drinking in Utah has been zany since the first clink. Detailing the Byzantine intricacies of Utah’s liquor laws would take several volumes and acres of footnotes, but here’s a distilled history of drinking in the Beehive.

3 boozy prescriptions for what ails you.

Today’s yummy elixirs were old-fashioned cures long before hipsters were spritzing glasses with orange zest.

Chakra Lounge: Bar at the top of the world

The Chakra Lounge is owned by the same people as Himalayan Kitchen, a Nepalese restaurant, but don’t try to order chhaang, the saki-like drink of the Himalayas.

Have a Nick & Nora Holiday.

The secret to cocktail bliss is the container.

Have a Nick & Nora Holiday.

The secret to cocktail bliss is the container.

Classica Cocktails: The Bloody Mary – Vodka

While most of the classic cocktails are minimal, designed to showcase the flavor and aromatics of the base liquor, the Bloody Mary is a rococo, over-the-top concoction.

Classic Cocktail: The Rob Roy – Scotch

The Rob Roy is a cocktail made with Scotch whisky (without an e) which is actually not a good idea.

Whiskey Wise: Local group seeks to educate, imbibe.

Not the a local whiskey-lovers group Whiskey Drinkers Union: Utah Local 801, co-founded by Jeff Thompson.

Classic Cocktail: The Daiquiri – Rum

Starting in the time of Napoleon, Her Majesty’s Royal Navy ran on rum. Every sailor (not the officers) received a daily rum ration, affectionately called a tot.

Classic Cocktails: The Sidecar – Cognac

Bearing the endearing IBA description “an all day cocktail” the sidecar is indeed named after the motorcycle sidecar, a familiar sight during World Wars I and II.

Classic Cocktails: The Old Fashioned – Bourbon

What’s old fashioned about it? There are lots of theories, but the most popular is that it is most like the original cocktail—liquor, with a little sugar and bitters added for relief.

Classic Cocktails: The Big Seven

Salt Lake City is gaining fame as an avid outpost of the craft cocktail movement.

Classic Cocktails: The Margarita – Tequila

Here’s where I differ with the IBA: Their recipe calls for a margarita on the rocks in a margarita glass.

Classical Cocktails: The Martini – Gin

Lots of perfectly nice people, including James Bond, like a vodka Martini.
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