Ask the Experts: Dr. Daniel Ward

For the past 13 years, Dr. Daniel Ward, MD has been “Improving Lives by Inspiring Confidence” in his facial surgery practice and at Form Derm Spas, which just celebrated its sixth anniversary.

While Dr. Ward has cultivated an impressive reputation as a surgeon, the mission of Form Derm Spa is to extend that surgical-quality service into the non-surgical realm, where Dr. Ward is considered one of the worlds’ experts. The Ward MD team is committed to improving lives, both of their clients and their team members.

For customer relationships, quality looks like excellence in the craft, and integrity that shows in consultations. 

“If we do not think that we can provide that service then we do not agree to perform the procedure,” says Dr. Ward. “The treatments that we perform are all medical grade and we believe that the medical aesthetics industry is marred by those who make promises of incredible results with treatments that do not deliver. We are trying to change that practice. We believe we can do better!”

Dr. Ward also believes in building confidence and positivity in the lives of team members. “This commitment to each other translates into an amazing experience for our clients.” Each team member is required to spend 10% of their week on personal education, training, and professional development. This company is committed to developing the skills of each team member, from new techniques, to time management, to something as simple as meditation.”

For a self-improvement experience rooted in expertise and integrity, there is no higher quality experience than that which can be obtained with Ward MD or Form Derm Spas.

“Our goal is to improve lives. We do that by helping people look and subsequently feel their very best” explains Dr. Ward. “Our most common procedures include rhinoplasty, facelift and eyelid rejuvenation, hair restoration, laser treatments for wrinkles and pigmentation, and more. I am also proud that my team is considered a leading expert in procedures such as filler and Botox. It is fun to be the standard that others in the community and across the country look to for expertise and advice.”


How regulated are these treatments?

“Aesthetics treatments are not tightly regulated by the state. These do qualify as medical treatments, but they can be administered by a wide variety of personnel in the healthcare industry. They aren’t all physicians—even if they call themselves ‘doctor.’”

What should I look for when selecting a surgery team?

“First and foremost, make sure you like the surgeon and the team. You want to find providers who’ll help you achieve your goal and navigate any potential complications down the road. Second, when looking for a facial plastic surgeon, verify that the provider is board certified either in 

general plastic surgery, or specifically in facial plastic surgery. There are no other board certifications in the plastics field. Finally, find a practice or med spa that frequently performs the treatments you are interested in. Keep in mind the phrase, ‘jack of all trades, master of none,’ You do not want to receive treatment from someone who isn’t well-practiced.”

What are the latest trends in surgery?

“Surgical procedures are making a  comeback. While our non-surgical options are fantastic, many patients find that surgery gives a more impressive and long-lasting result, as well as that non-surgical procedures can have a longer recovery time than surgical procedures. Many patients would rather go under the knife if it means a better result—especially if there is less recovery.”

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