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Business owner, creative director, thought leader, wedding/event planner, wife to an Olympic athlete, and mother. Somehow Mara Mazdzer does it all.

But how?

“As a planner, scheduling is just a knack that I have,” Mazdzer, who owns Fuse Weddings and Events, a full-service event studio in Salt Lake City, laughs. “Fortunately, I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel in terms of how my brain works.”

Between mothering a 2-year-old, supporting the endeavors of her husband, Olympic silver medalist luger Chris Mazdzer, and running one of the best event planning businesses in the state, Mazdzer keeps herself remarkably busy. But that’s just the way she likes it.

“We have to live in a pretty organized household to be able to accomplish everything. We even started having a family admin meeting every week,” Mazdzer says. “I guess I’ve kind of managed to mirror how I run my household like I run my business, lots of communication and systems for everything”

Clients of Mazdzer’s business, Fuse Wedding & Events, revere that same level of attention to detail and meticulous planning that makes the owner’s world go round.

“Having come from a nightclub background, I think my ability to place a huge emphasis on guest experience and providing an incredible experience for an attendee is unmatched. I tell my clients all the time, your client, your guest experience started from the minute they got your invitation.”

—Mara Mazdzer

When customers come to Fuse, they know they’re booking a service with uncanny levels of thoughtfulness.

“What we do is so different,” Mazdzer explains. “Anybody can figure out how to confirm catering and order linen and put them on tables. We want to create a complete experience. We think about what people felt when they walked in, the way it smelled, what the invitation looked like, everything.”

When Mazdzer meets her clients for the first time, she often asks a different set of questions than just the when, where, and why of a wedding or event. This way, she gets a much better feel for who the people on the invitation are and in turn, creates a far more personalized experience.

“‘What do you guys like to eat?’ ‘What can I find you doing on a lazy Sunday afternoon?’ ‘How do you meet?’ All of that stuff feels very relevant to me,” Mazdzer.

And even with all that goes into running her business, Mazdzer still finds time to be a mom. She especially enjoys taking her son to tumbling class every Friday morning.

“I love the creativity and the outlet my work gives me but I also feel so grateful to have started a business that allows me the flexibility to be a better mom,” she says. “I handle both in the same way and that seems to help quite a bit.”

18 S. 500 West, Salt Lake City
(801) 512-2075

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