The Garage, probably SLC’s most enchanting bar, with its outside venue romantically lit by refinery glow, is in a fight for its life.

It has to do, as a matter of fact, with that Tesoro Refinery that provides the scenic post-industrial backdrop to your cornhole tournaments.

We heard this Monday from owner Bob McCarthy about Tesoro’s attempts to buy the land the bar occupies and force out the roadhouse:

“Tesoro made a generous offer to our landlord and she did not accept so Tesoro has reclaimed their land and taken our parking away.”

With only 11 parking places on Garage property to offer patrons, McCarthy is working with the city and state to find more space, including designating parallel parking on Beck Avenue or maybe renting the parking lot at the abandoned Warm Springs children’s museum–then shuttling patrons three-quarters of a mile to the Garage.


That the Garage barely survived a three-alarm fire four years only makes it more beloved to us.

“Make no mistake—we are open for business and The Garage will survive!” says McCarthy. “If you can’t burn me out, a little parking dilemma shouldn’t be much to overcome.”

Big Oil’s threat to nightlife as we know it—along with fine spring weather—makes it the perfect time to grab a beer, some Road Kill Chicken and a dose of live music at The Garage.

Ride your bike.