Get Fit for the Holidays

If we start thinking about it now, we could get a head start on our health before the cookies, pies, mashed potatoes, and holiday casseroles hit the table. Start this fall off with a good routine and healthy eating to prepare for the holiday gorge-fest. Here are some tips to stay in shape so you can indulge when the irresistible dinner invites start to roll in.

Create a good sleep routine.

It is proven that if you wake up at the same time every day, no matter what time you go to bed, then the sleep that you will get will be more restorative and deep. Yes, this means giving up on sleeping in on the weekends but if you stick to the routine you won’t need those extra hours. Your body will train itself to sleep deep so no sleep-ins are needed.

Exercise is crucial!

Our bodies can metabolize sugars as energy only if we are burning the calories through activity. Make sure to be active every day. Take a 5 minute walk every hour around the office or the block. Do some simple exercises before you get into the shower in the morning. Do 30 squats, 15 push-ups, 20 jumping jacks, a 30-second plank, and 30 bicycle crunches. Then do a second set. This should take less than 15 minutes and will not only energize you for the day, but also get your body used to being active.

Make good food choices.

Start thinking now about the amount of food you eat compared to the amount of activities you do during the day. Start balancing this out so gaining weight during the holidays doesn’t happen. If you have a couple of days that you know you will have a higher calorie intake, make sure you plan to exercise sometime that day or the next. If you maintain a consistent exercise routine, your body will be ready for the holidays! 

Demonizing food is not a good practice.

We need food to live.  Food is a part of our social and cultural fabric as well as a practical necessity, so let yourself enjoy food. Enjoy the holidays with friends, family, and delicious food, but plan ahead. Adjust your activity level to suit your food intake, and indulge—just don’t overindulge.

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