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Give a Crap About the Utah Arts Festival, Literally

Give a Crap About the Utah Arts Festival, Literally

In addition to the gosh-dang DINOSAURS, the Utah Arts Festival is about the local arts community, each year local poets, filmmakers, visual artists and musicians get to put their work in front of the loyal attendees and find new ways to create. So it’s, like, a good thing. To keep funding for events, workshops, programming and to help support the community they need our help, so come on and Give A Crap.

Give a CrapAn innovative and potty-mouthed fundraiser new last year at the festival, the Give A Crap campaign is hoping we all never grew past poop jokes. For $75 your message, hopefully something involving farts, can adorn one of the many potties at this year’s UAF.

Yes that’s right. Your words. On a toilet. Plus you’ll get two UAF tickets and a commemorative foam porta-potty (like the one in the photo below), as additional thanks for your donation.


Give a crapDonate here RIGHT NOW and and tag @slmag on your instashots of your bathroom graffiti  so we can see your signs!

You can see the full music line up here.
A preview of other arts happenings here.
And this thing about dinosaurs here.

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