Home Lifestyle Beauty & Fashion Glow for it. spaDAY 9th & 9th did the trick.

Glow for it. spaDAY 9th & 9th did the trick.

Glow for it. spaDAY 9th & 9th did the trick.

Your flight attendant doesn’t say, “Place the oxygen mask on the stranger next to you first,” for a very life-sustaining reason. And, honestly being the season of mid-December, with the shortest, darkest and coldest days, it’s easy to feel bummed out. To preempt the conditions associated with “SAD” or seasonal affective disorder, I’ve attempted a few things to keep my chin up with self-care. For instance, with the shorter days, I started taking vitamin D capsules (you know, the sunshine happy vitamin), and, that’s been helping some. At home, I unwind by watching episodes of the holiday episodes of Nailed It! and Bob’s Burgers, frequently cuddle my cat and eat dark chocolate. Also helpful.

But I also need to share a secret. A trip to a local spa for a facial or full body massage is probably my favorite feel-better indulgence. And, with some experience, I can state that not all spa experiences are created equal. My recent trip to spaDAY 9th + 9th was a winner on all counts, with a great facial treatment that left my skin glowing (and got the compliments to prove it).

Got a big event? This is a must-do.

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With the lift and glow that immediately follows, a facial from spaDAY would be a pretty great boost before a big event, wedding or photoshoot.

spaDAY 9th & 9th (and) spaDAY downtown: spaDAYretreat.com

Before we got started, esthetician Kassi explained that spaDAY’s “Glow & Go Instant Lift Facial” is perfect for all skin types (and, mine is a bit on the sensitive side). At their spa, they use Dermalogica and Phytomer, both reputable active professional skincare lines, along with a deep oil cleansing, exfoliation and ultrasonic extraction. Expect some extras, like getting zapped by their microcurrent device (to firm and tone) and LED light therapy to soothe and reduce any inflammation.

While I absolutely loved the facial, my favorite part was somewhat unexpected but equally fabulous. Instead of lying on a spa bed, I was placed in a zero-gravity “massage pod” which finely tunes to your exact body proportions, aiding in releasing tense spots all over, even the soles of your feet. It was like your typical massaging recliner from RC Willey only a whole lot better.

As the spaDAY’s owner Paulina Greaves warned me before my treatment, “Be careful, this facial is addictive.” And I agree. After leaving, with an added bounce to my step and a glowing smile on my face, I couldn’t help but think how this self-care added to my positive vibe. And like in an emergency, by choosing to place the oxygen mask on me first, I became more able to send those good vibes to all the faces I encountered (which were many) that day, and even possibly it rippled it’s way to you.

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