Go Apple Picking at Huber Grove Apple Orchard

Love apples? Then you know that the best don’t fall from the tree, they’re picked. By you. Those in-the-know head up to Huber Grove in Wasatch Mountain State Park when autumn comes. The apple trees here were planted in 1885 by Swiss immigrant Johannes Huber. The annual harvest includes organic heirloom apples not found in any store, including sweet Yellow Transparent apples and tart Red Astrachans.

These are true heirloom fruits: Unlike most apple trees, which live 35 years and only produce fruit for 15, the Huber Grove trees have consistently produced apples for more than 125 years.

To protect and preserve the 125-year-old trees, the orchard restricts apple picking to just a few weekends in August and September. There is a reservation-only system for visitors, with a limited number of tickets available for each day. Visitors are limited to two hours and two baskets of apples.

Susan Lacke
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