The pair married up in PC in ’07 and quickly closed on a spread in nearby Oakley and frequently get spotted browsing at Dolly’s or dining at Adolph’s (or at Equus Tack and Supply in PC).

But now it’s official, musician Kelley this week spilled the beans that the couple plus adopted daughter Naleigh, 1, will eschew LA for Utah and Nashville.

An excerpt from Kelley’s interview:

Us: Now that you’ve gone country, are you going to move to Nashville?

JK: I lived in Nashville before I met Katie. That’s how Lady Antebellum (brother Charles is in the country trio) kind of started. I bought I house out there in 2005, the first house I ever bought. I told Charles [and his band] they could come live there, so Nashville has been in my heart for years.

Us: Are you in Los Angeles now?

JK: We live up in the mountains in Utah now. Katie rides horses, I do a lot of fishing and golfing, it’s a lot of fun.

Us: How did you find Utah?

JK: Just kind of randomly. It was a dream of Katie’s for years. We got married out there and I just fell in love with it. It’s amazing and one of my favorite places in the world. What we’ll probably do is put our time between Nashville and Utah. When we were in L.A., we were never in the scene. We don’t really leave the house. I stay in my studio and write music all the time.

Heigl’s interest in Utah might have started on the Wasatch Front, actually closer to the Oquirrhs when she starred with Danielle Harris in Wish Upon a Star 14 years ago – filmed at Hunter High School in West Valley City.

Alexia Wheaton (Heigl) spends her days finding ways to be popular, living by the rules of fashion and never keeping a boyfriend for more than a month.

Sister Hayley (Harris) wishes she could be more like her sister and not the geeky science nerd she became.

Hayley wishes to become Alexia when she sees a shooting star, and the next morning she is. The rest of the story follows close to Freaky Friday or Vice Versa, but probably better.

Hunter High’s commons area became the film’s lunchroom (not sure why they didn’t just use the lunchroom), and all the students in the movie parked in the faculty parking lot.

Alexia’s boyfriend Kyle lived in my neighborhood (Yes, the one I’m living in right now).

It’s pretty close to the school, so I’m not sure why he needed her to drive him.

In any rate, hopefully I’ll Katie and Josh will save a seat for me at next year’sOakley Rodeo.