Gov’t Mule Rides into Red Butte

What: Gov’t Mule
When: Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019
Where: Red Butte Garden Amphiteatre
Tickets and info here.

Get ready for phasers (not the Star Trek kind), fiery guitar solos, and an abundance of dress shirts over denim jeans—Gov’t Mule are coming to Red Butte on Wednesday, September 4. This sultry jam band combines a clean rock ensemble with some of the most savory guitar licks I’ve heard all year to create a nostalgic, classic rock vibe. Keep your eyes on Warren Haynes, the band’s singer and lead guitarist. His deep voice melts like butter over the band’s riffs, and his guitar solos would make Hendrix proud. This is the kind of music you definitely want to hear live, so make sure you’re there!

Gov’t Mule have a vast discography to sample from, and with their last album released over two years ago, any songs are fair game for this concert. I’m eager to hear stuff from their heavy, and occasionally psychedelic roots, as well as stuff from their more recent and more technical albums. Most of all, though, I’m going for crazy instrumental solos which have been the highlight of Gov’t Mule’s sound throughout it all. Make sure you’re ready to rock out to some classic rock, and get over to Red Butte on Wednesday, September 4, for An Evening with Gov’t Mule.

Alex Blackburn
Alex Blackburn
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