Green Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Need a little pick-me-up in the AM (we could all probably use one), or maybe just something a little sweet? Duh. Then here’s a delicious smoothie recipe to start your day off right.

I’ve been on a smoothie kick for the last week and have messed around with different ingredients for just the right flavors, and I’m no professional smoothie maker, but I think I perfected it! Packed with fruits, greens and antioxidants, this smoothie will keep you trucking till lunch! Plus, it’s super tasty (which is all that really matters). Here’s what you’ll need for this yummy green breakfast smoothie recipe:

green breakfast smoothie recipe

Makes one 14 oz smoothie:

-1 banana

-1 tablespoon peanut butter

-2 dates

-1/4 cup almond milk

-2 ice cubes

-handful of blueberries

-1 teaspoon cocoa powder

-handful of chopped kale

-2 tablespoons of rolled oats


Place all ingredients in whatever blender you own, blend away, pour in glass and drink up!

*BONUS: Pour into a bowl, and add your favorite toppings to make a smoothie bowl!

Kaitlyn Christy
Kaitlyn Christy
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