Help Rebuild the Green Team Farm

Green Team Farm

Last week, a fire destroyed the Green Team Farm’s Operational Center at Wasatch Community Gardens (WCG). The Green Team Farm is a job training program teaching urban gardening skills to women struggling with homelessness. Why does it seem that the most worthy and deserving always get hit the hardest?

Donate to WCG

The fire’s cause is still under investigation, but resulted in the complete loss of valuable storage containers and tools integral to the Green Team’s efforts. With WCG’s Annual Plant Sale fundraiser just around the corner on May 11, 2019, it’s a real problem. The Green Team plays a significant role in this by starting over 20,000 plants at their farm—just think about all those heirloom tomatoes!

Community members have stepped up with donations of two mini office space containers but WCG needs those who value healthy, organic and local food, to donate. So click that button, please.

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