Salt Lake Magazine First Look: Find the Sunnyside (Eggs) at the Hall of Breakfast

Have you ever wished museums were just a little bit more…. interactive? I mean, I like the Louvre as much as the next person, but there is something about the hands-on experience of Salt Lake’s newest pop-up art museum, the Hall of Breakfast, that is sure to leave you wanting, well … more breakfast.

Waltz in through a cheery yellow door, and visit the Hall of Breakfast, located at the Gateway from June 9-July 9, 2018. The Hall of Breakfast features 10 different breakfast themed exhibits, each handmade by a group of artists and designers.

If it is even possible, each exhibit is more deliciously spectacular than the last. You’ll start the experience by entering through a giant fridge filled with milk.  After that, guests are invited to enjoy the museum at their own pace. Chill on an egg yolk, swing inside a donut, dive into a giant fruit bowl, and slide down a bacon slide. While I was visiting, the bacon themed room even offered bacon flavored cookies…which were surprisingly delicious.

Hall of Breakfast

While capturing your perfectly Instagram worthy shot, don’t forget to take in the details. For example, the honey room boasts a huge handmade beehive made out of 1 million coffee beans!

Hall of Breakfast

This interactive experience was created by Bigsley Event House, a leading creator of other popular Salt Lake events, including The Color Run and Pumpkin Nights. Sophie Weichers, the Product Manager and Designer for the Hall of Breakfast said that the Bigsley team wanted to create something new, and the idea of breakfast kept coming to mind.

“Breakfast for us brings this lightheartedness, and [the idea of] waking up to a new day and a fresh start… I think in this world today you need some experiences that take you outside of the normal craziness of your daily life, and bring art and play back [into your life],” Weichers said.

Hall of Breakfast

The Hall of Breakfast also features unique breakfast themed treats from local vendors including: Ruby Snap Cookies, Kodiak Cakes, Waffle Waffle, creATE donuts, Beehive Cheese Company, The Honey Jar, and Enlightened Ice Cream.

To make this exhibit even better, for every ticket purchased, the Hall of Breakfast will make a donation to the Utah Food Bank.

To find out more about the Hall of Breakfast, and to purchase tickets, visit their website.


Auburn Remington
Auburn Remington
Salt Lake Magazine intern Auburn Remington is a senior at BYU studying News Media. Auburn is originally from Canada, and enjoys skiing, hiking and reading.

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