Which Halloween Candy Makes Your House A Hit or Miss?

Halloween: the one night a year we trust humanity enough to let our kids roam around neighborhoods asking for candy. However, Halloween is more than just a night of lapsed judgment from parents; it starts essentially the second you feel a chill in the air come mid September. We spend all month planning the world’s best Halloween costume, purposefully trying to scare ourselves silly by visiting haunted houses and watching scary movies and using the season as an excuse to eat literally every pumpkin we come across (pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin soups, pumpkins steamers, you name it). So how are you going to make this Halloween different than the rest? AtmosFX commissioned an independent study on the habits of Americans and Halloween: The Celebration Census. It’s a series of fun facts surrounding the habits of Americans during one of our favorite holidays.

So if you want your house to be the neighborhood hit this Halloween, here are the most popular Halloween candies according to Americans.

The Most Popular Halloween Candies:

  • Chocolate wins in a landslide victory with 58% of respondents claiming candies such as M&Ms, Snickers, Twix and any kind of chocolaty candy as their favorite for Halloween night.
  • Caramels come in a distant second with 9% of the vote.
  • Gummy candies follow closely with an 8.3%.
  • Gum came in dead last with just .8% of voters.

Trying to find a date to your dreaded Halloween work party? AtmosFX findings show that women like caramel more, while men prefer gummies. Gum is universally hated. Don’t hand out gum.

Overall, your key to success this Halloween is to go with the chocolate. Everyone loves that rich neighbor who hands out king size candy bars to all of the trick-or-treaters. Please don’t be that neighbor who hands out toothbrushes instead of chocolate on Halloween. Nobody wants to be reminded of the inevitable tooth rot just around the corner. Let them eat their chocolate in peace. Be the rich “king size” neighbor instead.

For more fun Halloween facts from AtmosFX, visit their website.

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