Philanthropy: Dr. Hamid Adib

For this issue’s special section, we asked philanthropic organizations from around our state to share their missions, success stories and plans for the coming year. We know our readers are generous and community-minded individuals. By sharing good works, we hope you’ll learn about a wide range of opportunities to get involved and help fulfill our partners’ missions.



At the historic Villa Theatre on Highland Drive, you’ll find Adib’s Rug Gallery, a treasure trove of exquisite and eclectic rugs. But this story isn’t just about rugs; it’s about the incredible man behind it all—Dr. Hamid Adib.

Dr. Adib’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. He immigrated to the U.S., earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at UC Berkeley and San Jose State, and later a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah. His professional career soared to remarkable heights. Yet, today, he’s on a new quest to uplift and support those in need. His inspiration? His parents, who planted the seeds of compassion in him during his upbringing.

“My parents’ philosophy was to immerse ourselves in the lives of others and strive to make a positive impact in their world,” Dr. Adib says.

Dr. Adib’s daily agenda is now a whirlwind of philanthropic endeavors. Name a charitable organization in the Salt Lake Valley, and there’s a good chance that he and his dedicated team are actively involved. Dr. Adib believes that by uplifting individuals, he can trigger a ripple effect that benefits the entire community. Adib’s Rug Gallery has long been a dedicated supporter of numerous charitable organizations in the Salt Lake area.

Dr. Hamid Adib, Owner of Adib’s Rug Gallery. Photo by Adam Finkle

But Dr. Adib’s reach extends well beyond Utah’s borders. Having firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by families around the world, he regularly embarks on humanitarian journeys. One of his most significant involvements is with the Heal Child Skin Disease Foundation, a cause dedicated to sponsoring medical treatments for children suffering from severe and agonizing skin conditions, including Epidermolysis Bullosa, which ranks as one of the most excruciating conditions a person can endure.

So he works tirelessly. Dr. Adib often dedicates entire nights to projects aimed at improving the lives of others. He’s found joy in creating vibrant and imaginative paintings in his home, which he sells privately, donating every penny to the Heal CSD foundation and some other charitable organizations.

Thanks to Dr. Adib’s efforts and the generosity of kind art lovers, the foundation has been able to establish means for two clinics in Iran.

Dr. Adib refers to his endeavors as “the sweetest pain.” To this remarkable rug gallery owner, who claims to have everything he could desire in life, this mission has become his life’s purpose.

“I always strive to leave a positive and indelible mark in people’s hearts,” Dr. Adib declares with determination. “I aspire, at the end of my journey on this planet, to possess a notebook filled with those indelible footprints, each representing a meaningful connection. I hope this notebook serves as a testament to who I was and the positive difference I’ve made while I passed through.”


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