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Haunted houses in Salt Lake CityYOUR UNLUCKY DAY

Nightmare on 13th

Sept.13-14, 20-21, 27-28, Oct. 1-31, Nov. 1-2 

M-TH 7:30 – 10pm, F-Sat 7:30 – Midnight 

Oct. 16-17, 7:30 – 11pm, Nov.1-2, 7:30 – 11pm


Here is a list of other haunted houses in Salt Lake City

The Crazy Corn Maze, 8802 S. 4000 West, West Jordan, 801-569-2356.

Fear Factory, 666 W. 800 South, SLC, 801-692-3327.

Dead City Haunted House, 5425 S. Vine St., Murray, 801-890-5335.

Castle of Chaos Haunted House, 7980 S. State St., Midvale, 385-216-8915.

Hey You! Yes, you!! Is the ominous greeting you will receive from the gate-reaper at Nightmare on 13th, Utah’s legendary haunted attraction. If there’s one thing which defies explanation about Utahns that we treasure, it’s a haunted house (and Jello-O and 32-ounce fountain drinks). Haunted houses in Salt Lake City are a thing.

My desire to go to the big black castle with a moving-screaming creature at the doorway on the corner of 13th South and 3rd West, was never on my bucket list. My kids, however, LOVE this place. And this year, my youngest (who just happens to be 13), expressed her desire to go. “I’ll even pay for my own ticket,” was her request as we drove past recently.

So being the supportive Mom that I am, I put on the bravest face I could and set out to be terrified for the children. The evening played out like this. Expect a crowd. Parking was well managed and reasonable. You can opt for a “Skip the Line” or “Fast Pass” ticket, and they are kinda worth it (esp. if it’s cold outside). Although the price is steep, part of the fun is hanging out with your kiddos, no?

Expect to be entertained. They control the flow of traffic well, security is present and on top of the crowd. Your experience is multi-sensory and loud, so, you may get sprayed with water, smell something funky or have the ground drop out from under you, but it isn’t as gory and messed up and you think it will be (or maybe at this point in my life I’m super jaded). There is a vertigo-spinning walk through at one point, which some people will love and others will be like, OK get me the heck out of here. And much to their credit, the participating zombies, psycho-killers and Gollums were all very respectful, they look like they’re gonna hack your face off, but they don’t even come close and quickly disappear after their attempt.

My favorite part? The simulated walk down into a cave, with a full-on waterfall and walk by stalactites and stalagmites. It even smelled like a cave!! As a parent, it was more incredible because of how much my daughter enjoyed it—and we laughed far more than we screamed.

Nightmare on 13th’s all-new X-SCREAM in a nutshell: very dark, very confusing, you will get slimed.

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