Hear Me Now

Millennials ruin everything! They don’t buy diamonds, they don’t watch football and they definitely do not listen to the radio. It’s not that they don’t like music or getting information, there are just better options available. The ability to stream music and podcasts instantly is more appealing and gives them the freedom to choose when and how we get our information.  The growing interest in podcasts among this younger generation has motivated many people to create podcasts and this includes the creators of Hear Me Now, a new podcast coming to KUER.

The interview based podcast features stories from Ogden’s teenagers ranging from childhood and family stories to depression and Ogden’s history. This collaboration of KUER and Nurture the Creative Mind allows KUER to “go outside of Salt Lake City and use this platform to feature voices that aren’t typically represented in traditional media outlets” says Tristin Tabish, KUER’s Content Director. “Ogden is a growing city that’s also underrepresented and sometimes misunderstood. We wanted to form a partnership with an organization connected to this historic town.”

Nurture the Creative Mind is an Ogden-based non-profit that aims to instill confidence in young people. “The youth in our community are valuable assets,” says Amir Jackson, founder and director. “Platforms and partnerships such as this one demonstrate how that value is not just futuristic, but also immediate.”

“Taking that first interview was the best decision I have ever made,” says student producer Ryan Gimbell. “I got the chance to spend time this summer, even if it was only a couple of days, with people that not only wanted to see me succeed, but also helped me in doing so.”

Hear Me Now is available now and is available on your favorite podcast streaming site at or KUER’s website.

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