Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Comes to Utah

There’s a “mobile vehicle of cuteness” rolling into town, and, we’re just going to break the news now–it’s not a semi truck driven by puppies. (Which, frankly, would be more irresponsible than cute.) This vehicular cuteness-bringer is the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, and it will be making its Salt Lake City Debut in an appearance at Fashion Place Mall on Saturday, April 29th.

Hello Kitty Treats

The truck came into existence in October 2014, and brings its array of Hello Kitty sweets to festivals and events such as Hello Kitty Con. (Yes, that exists.) She has quite the following–in addition to Hello Kitty Con, the feline stars in comic books, a tv series and even a feature film.

Hello Kitty herself was born in 1974 and appeared on a coin purse. Apparently she has no mouth in the hope that her audience will “project their feelings onto the character” without any initial agenda, language or emotion. The color scheme and general sugar-y-ness of it can’t help but feel cheerful, however, so the whole emotionless thing isn’t entirely effective. (Is it possible not to feel even a shimmer of joy when eating cookies? We think not.)

Within its pink walls, the truck holds a Hello Kitty cookie set, a rainbow macaron box set with a surprise Sanrio character, a pack of mini cakes and bow-shaped bottles of water. There’s also merchandise including shirts and mugs. Prepare to commit your whole life, soul and body to this iconic white cat.

The truck has been so successful that they’ll be opening the Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up Container in Irvine, CA in July “to continue to spread their message of happiness, friendship and fun.” Like a really happy, bright pink sugar-filled disease, Hello Kitty just keeps spreading.

Fans can follow the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated about upcoming appearances and where to find these adorable Hello Kitty treats.

–Amy Whiting

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