Here’s To The At-Home Bartender: Be fearless. Taste often.

I am the first person to call up friends for a night out—on a weekday or weekend. I’m a fan of a spirit-filled Tuesday night. Let’s be honest, the bars are quieter, bartenders are chattier, and there is no need for the animalistic pursuit of an empty barstool. But, some Tuesdays I hear my wallet screaming, “FEED ME,” my alarm clock taunting, “T-minus 6 hours until work,” and my mother’s voice chastising, “No drinking and driving!”

Thanks a lot, inner dialogue. I’m am now left standing in the middle of my kitchen wondering how I should entertain. I’m not a bartender, mixologist or liquid chef. I don’t make things—I drink things.

But the home bar doesn’t have to be intimidating, according to bar expert Natalie Hamilton. It’s just alcohol. It doesn’t bite. (Though some might argue; flirt with the wrong tequila and things might get a little feisty.)

Home bar craft cocktail-making is real simple. Start by picking out three of your favorite drinks. “They are the ones you are going to want to drink the most—and chances are you’ve had the most.” This helps with concocting your ideal version of that drink. Do a quick Google search for recipes and hit up the local liquor store for ingredients. Here are a few tools that will make prep and mixing easier, but don’t over-think it—Hamilton admits she’s made cocktails in cereal bowls.



Stirrer/Bar spoon


Jigger (measuring tool)

Whatever glass you want to pour your drink into.
(Sippy cups will not be judged.)

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Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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