HEY!! It’s Friday night!! Think: how much do you spend on a normal Friday night?

TGIF! Okay, it’s lost some meaning in the era of social distancing. But here’s a thought—how much would you spend on a normal Friday (or Saturday or any day) stopping by your favorite bar or picking up a bite to eat?

Think about it. Add it up. And then realize that the dollars you spend are dollars that someone else isn’t earning.

What you can do? Buy a gift card for the amount you’d usually spend for drinks and dinner. Most establishments have them available.

Leave a big tip!! This money goes straight into the pockets of the bartenders, chefs and servers you love to see every week. And you end up with a binge bonus—see you there as soon as the virus is gone.

And it will be.

Think of it as a savings account, or an investment, even. A stake in the businesses you love and can’t wait to return to when life is normal.


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Mary Brown Malouf
Mary Brown Maloufhttps://www.saltlakemagazine.com/
Mary Brown Malouf is the late Executive Editor of Salt Lake magazine and Utah's expert on local food and dining. She still does not, however, know how to make a decent cup of coffee.

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