High West Rises Again with its Bourbon and Rye Blend

High West, Utah’s first and widely-praised legal distillery, is unveiling a limited edition Bourbon and Rye Blend, or, as they call it, Bourye.

This new release is a high-end original combination of rich bourbons and rye whiskies ranging from 10 to 14 years old. It embodies one of High End’s most iconic flavors with a new twist. Master Distiller Brendan Coyle describes it as having the “same familiar richness, but an even more robust palate.” Bourye provides an other-worldly “sipping experience” for whiskey-lovers, combining a nutty vanilla aroma with tasting notes of sweet honey nougat, caramel, mulling spices, and candied fruits with a long, rich finish of roasted pecan and molasses. It’s a drink catered to fans of the original and newbies alike.

High West has been around since 1870, a pioneer in Utah’s infamously-dry drinking scene. But their Bourye blend is just another proof of the potential for the appreciation of distinctive whiskeys in the state. And “not unlike the fleeting jackalope found on its one-of-a-kind label, supplies of Bourye will be limited but worthy of the hunt.”

The latest Bourye blend will be sold at High West’s General Stores in Park City and Wanship for $79.99. For more information, contact Christa Graff at 435-640-7921 or christa@graffpr.com.

-by Amy Whiting

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